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Guidelines for Local Self Government Institutions

1. Local Self Government Institutions shall identify/suggest suitable destination of tourism potential in their area and submit the DPR of the project proposal on the online platform prepared by the Department of Tourism.

2. The DPR of the proposal shall be prepared by LSGIs with estimate in PRICE software.

3. LSGIs shall clearly explain the reason for suggesting the area/region under this scheme.

4. The proposal should be flood resilient and the proposed constructions shall be in sustainable manner.

5. LSGIs are responsible for obtaining all statutory clearance for the project.

6. LSGIs shall attach the land ownership certificate for the proposed project site and land NOC from appropriate body along with the proposal.

7. If the project area is included in more than one local government body, these local government bodies can jointly submit the application.

8. LSGIs shall collect revenue from the project area and this revenue shall be utilized for the proper operations and maintenance of the Tourism project. LSGIs should prepare a business plan for this revenue and its utilization, and submit it along with the project proposal.

9. The Department of Tourism shall provide only 60% (subject to a maximum of Rs. 50 Lakhs) of the project cost.

10. The balance fund shall be met by LSGIs concerned through plan grants, own funds or any other funds (including CSS) as available.

11. The fund of Department of Tourism shall be released to the LSGIs only after utilizing the fund of LSGIs. LSGIs shall submit fund request along with utilization certificate to the department of Tourism through concerned District Deputy Directors, Department of Tourism.

12. The applications will be examined by the Technical sanction committee of the Department of Tourism.

13. Once the project has been approved by the Technical sanction committee, administrative sanction shall be issued by the Director or the Government as the case may be. The expenditure shall be met from the H/A 5452-01-101-99-00-34-03 Upgradation, Creation of Infrastructure and amenities.

14. The time period for the completion of the project shall not be more than 18 months from the date of issue of the Administrative sanction.

For more details, refer Government Orders

G.O.(Ms) No.24/2021/TSM dated 21-12-2021
G.O.(Ms) No.5/2022/TSM dated 22-02-2022